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Reference: Teixeira Parente, M., Brandl, G., Franz, C., Stuhr, U., Ganeva, M., & Schneidewind, A. (2023). Active learning-assisted neutron spectroscopy with log-Gaussian processes. Nat. Commun. 14, 2246.


ARIANE (ARtificial Intelligence-Assisted Neutron Experiments) is a software application developed in the research project AINX (Artificial Intelligence for Neutron and X-ray scattering). It assists workflows at different types of neutron scattering instruments to improve their efficiency and make better use of the experimenter’s time.

The code is designed to include general elements which can be used for the different neutron scattering techniques as applications.

ARIANE has implementations for the following applications:

  • Three-axes spectroscopy (TAS)
    It implements the probabilistic active learning approach described in the reference to find experimental strategies (measurement locations) that are more efficient than grid approaches.
Inefficient and efficient TAS experiments

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